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Ceiling vs Wall mount for 7982?

New Contributor II
Ceiling vs Wall mount for 7982? What is the optimal position and where can we see full radiation pattern map for its antenna array? Since overhead mount in the centre of the space to be covered is seldom an option for my case, just how much do I lose with a wall mount and what to look for in such deployment scenarios?
For example Cisco explicitly states not to use integrated antenna models as wall mounts, but to use ext. antennas positioned flat up and down the wall. I see no warning in Ruckus manual but I guess you can't have optimal beam in both of these cases?

New Contributor III

With reference to your post, we recommend Ceiling Mount for all Indoor Ruckus AP's. All ruckus devices have internal SMART ANTENNA's on them and they use BeamFlex which is a Ruckus patent technology.

BeamFlex consists of a smart, compact antenna array with multiple elements, which can be combined in real time to form unique antenna patterns. The advanced BeamFlex system software continually learns the environment with all its hostilities and interference sources, including disruptive RF conditions, numerous communicating devices, network performance issues, and application flows. Then, it selects the optimum antenna pattern for each communicating device in real time, while actively mitigating interference and minimizing noise to nearby networks and devices.

Unlike omni-directional antennas that radiate signals in all directions, BeamFlex directs transmit energy towards the best path to the receiving device. And unlike fixed-positioned directional antennas, BeamFlex dynamically configures its "beam" on a per-station, per-packet basis, to achieve omni-directional coverage.

Hope this answers your questions. all the best.

What does Ruckus suggest for outside antennas: zf7762 ??

Same for all APs, indoor or outdoor. If you need to cover a stairwell you can think of installing it "vertically".

New Contributor II
Thanks, but is there something alike horizontal and vertical pattern map for the 7982 antenna array available, without beamflex effect (it can only get better with beamflex 🙂 ?