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Cant access AP IP address R700 & R300 after ZD1106 firmware update (v9.10.2.0 build 84)

New Contributor II
Hi..I have a total of 11 AP (9 R700 & 2 R300) which are connected to ZD 1106.
I just updated the firmware(v9.10.2.0 build 84) a few days ago. It fix most of my wifi issue (intermittent & lost connection to the internet). But i just found out today i cant access those individual AP ip address. Previously there's no issue but after update i cant login to AP webpage. has anyone got idea why and how to solve this? Plus apart from this, i need a recommedation + best practice guide on this as i want to compare with my existing setup. Thank you.

Contributor III
It's been a while so I'm not 100% sure, but somewhere around 9.10 Ruckus disabled direct http and https access to the APs.  You can still SSH to the AP, but http/https are disabled by default.

Assuming this is the problem, and assuming you want to enable, you can SSH to each AP and run these two commands:
set http enable
set https enable

Or you can do all the APs at once by using the remote_ap_cli command:
SSH to the ZD
ruckus> en
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "set http enable"
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli -A "set https enable" 

New Contributor II
thank you..that works! 🙂

edited: may i know if i want to direct use zd command what remote_ap_cli -A "set http enable" -A means? is it the IP Address? where can i get this full cli command reference?

i've tried download here:
but keep getting the same page..
nvm, i got it..
Image_ images_messages_5f91c44e135b77e247a157d5_70b001b46997ad39e575d7b7f332949f_RackMultipart2020022719908muxa-6e6428e6-70c5-4ead-8ef5-844e8acda66f-1531183487.JPG1582787154

RUCKUS Team Member
The remote_ap_cli command uses the AP MAC to identify and apply the AP CLI commands
-a is used to send the command to a specific AP
-A sends the command to all connected AP's.

Just a note - https and http were disabled on the AP's to save AP memory.  There are very few details available on the AP WEB interface that are not better seen on the ZD ... so it is recommended to keep it disabled.  I only enable AP WEB if I want to do a local firmware upgrade on an AP that I want to operate using a different controller platform (standalone, unleashed, SZ) as this is the easiest way to upgrade an AP.

Hope this answers your questions.



noted with thanks..last setup it was enable for each ap..but i do take your suggestion..better to turn off so that our internal user wont simply try to do something fishy..