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Cannot Add Ruckus R550 into Ruckus Cloud

New Contributor

Is there anything I need to do as I cannot add the AP into ruckus cloud


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @malifax,

Thank you for reaching out to Ruckus Support via FORUM.

There are some criteria to be taken care of prior adding network devices in Ruckus Cloud:

- Ports & FQDNs need to be whitelisted in firewall, lists can be found at Firewall ACL inputs (Click on ? onto your top right to get the option). This is to have uninterrupted communication between AP & Cloud controller, if it's a new deployment.

- Must have valid AP licenses.

- AP must have latest solo firmware, can be downloaded from

- AP must be able to reach internet.

Should you have any queries, keep us posted, will assist you.



Vasanth Edward