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Can you use the R510 as a switch?

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I see the unit has 2 network ports.   I know that if I connect the POE network cable to it, it is able to get DHCP and work as an AP.   We have one mounted in a hard to wire room and if we could connect a network cable to the second port and use it like a mini switch as well as an AP that would be handy.  I couldn't find out what that second port is - console, network or switched port.


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Yes. I currently have a printer plugged into the other port and it works fine.

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Thanks so much and that is an R510?

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Yes, you can use second port. The first port is by default in WAN trunk mode. Second port you can configure as on normal managed switch (set mode access or trunk, and choose VLANs to be configured. In new vSZ versions to have client connected to second port, you need to configure that port as LAN trunk or access port, otherwise connection will not work properly. Configuration is under model-specific AO options.

Typical application is installing AP using Ethernet wall-socket, which has already PC, printer or IP-camera connected. You can  configure second port as access in proper VLAN, and connect AP to trunk with all needed VLANs. This even provides security -- different VLANs can be used for AP and for other devices,

This is very convenient. And H320/H510 "hotel" APs have even more ports, you can have 1 uplink and up to 2 or 4x additional ports, one of them -- even with PoE bypass. It's very convenient, when additional cabling isn't available -- you can connect AP to PoE port, and also connect IP phone or Ip camera to AP port, without installing additional power.

There is only one problem -- if you restart AP, for short time connected devices lose connection to network. Usually it is not a problem, as you don't need to restart APs  often (just when upgrading firmware).


Hope it helps.

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