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Can the Ruckus Zone Director support using Radius/LDAP per user credential to limit how many device they can connect to a SSID?

New Contributor II

I have a ZoneDirector 1200 and Version: build 1515.

My client would like to have the following result:

1. When a student connect to a Student SSID 
2. Student need to enter a password firstly OR authenticate by LDAP/Radius server 
3. Student then able to access internet, and the maximum usable device are 4 devices for each student

I try enabling Zero-ID in the WLAN to achieve my expectation.

But only the authentication method is MAC-Address and WPA2 can use the Zero-ID Limit D-PSK function to control the device counter. Of course, we don't have and want to create any MAC account in the Radius server.

When the authentication method is 802.1x EAP, no Zero-IT Activation Limit D-PSK function.

Also try the Open authentication with no Encryption, just use the Web Authentication and the authenticate server set as Radius, no Zero-IT Activation can be configuration.

Any one try and get it?


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That should be possible to do on the Radius server.

ZD can't set device limits on the user login's (as far as I know).

Hi, when  I set to use the attribute "Simultaneous-Use" from freeradius, ZD seems ignore it, is it possible  that ZD doesn't understand the radius attribute because its not supported?

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If your students are in AD, then us CloudPath it gives you control over the number of devices per user and very granular control of time of day and can use AD groups/users to control the level and type of access. There are other ways but Cloudpath is the easiest especially limiting the number of users.

New Contributor II
Sounds CloudPath good, But we haven't purchase it, also the Student is in NAS... Not AD

Seems no way to do this.