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Can the P300 be managed through the ZD1200?

New Contributor
I'm looking to purchase several P300's to implement a point to point system. I am wanting to know if there is a way to centrally manage them through a ZD1200.  

Valued Contributor
Hi Chris,

The only management platform for the P300 is Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM).  As detailed here:

Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) is am NMS platform for Unleashed, ZoneDirector, P300 bridges. If you have Unleashed networks deployed across multiple small sites, Unleashed Multi-Site Manager is the one-stop solution for management, monitoring and reporting.  It is a complete management platform that is intiuitive and easy to use. It enables Unleashed networks to be securely monitored and managed from anywhere in the world with a single sign-on.

I hope that helps,