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Can't Connect to R710

New Contributor II
Hi all,

I've problem for my R710, I used it from april 2016, and no promblem until jun 16th user can't joint to AP, I try restart the AP and back to normal. But the problem back again every 2 or 3 days.
anyone know how to fix the promblem? my AP use software version and have 4ssid 5ghz and 2ssid for 2.4ghz.

please help...

ps: soryy my bad english

Esteemed Contributor II
Can you open a ticket with Tech Support and provide your AP support info file for their analysis?

New Contributor II
I've ask last week to my partner support for this problem, they ask log and I've send the log. But still not receive feedback. 

When my phone can't connect to AP, error message: password worng org can't connect