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Can anyone please explain me the called-station-id-type and NAS-ID (RADIUS)?

New Contributor III
Can anyone please explain me the called-station-id-type and NAS-ID (RADIUS)? This is mostly required when configuring a hospot WLAN in a ZD.

Valued Contributor II
Hi Keon,

I am not sure what exactly you would like to know on called-station-id-type and NAS-ID however let me give it a shot. this is very common all across all systems which uses radius.

Called Station ID: For IEEE 802.1X Authenticators, this attribute is used to store the
bridge or Access Point MAC address in ASCII format (upper case only),
with octet values separated by a "-". Example: "00-10-A4-23-19-C0".
In IEEE 802.11, where the SSID is known, it SHOULD be appended to the
Access Point MAC address, separated from the MAC address with a ":".
Example "00-10-A4-23-19-C0:AP1"

NAS ID: The NAS-ID is sent to the RADIUS server by the controller through an authentication request to classify users to different groups so that the RADIUS server can send a customized authentication response. The NAS-identifier is a RADIUS attribute that the client uses to identify itself to a RADIUS server. The NAS-Identifier, as defined in Section 5.32 of RFC 2865, can be used instead of an IP address to identify the client. The NAS-identifier consists of one or more octets and must be unique in the scope of the RADIUS server

Hello Monnat, but how i configure the NAS-id in the controller? i don't see the option in the GUI.