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Can I run an AP in standalone mode on the same network as a ZD?

New Contributor II

I have a job with two buildings, the main building has 6 APs and a ZD1106.
I need to add wifi in the new outbuilding but don't want to spend a load of money on upgrading the ZD license.

I have it working as I have turned auto provisioning off in the new AP.
But I notice in the ZD logs these messages:

"Connection request from AP[54:3d:00:00:00:00] refused; AP limit reached"

Will the system keep working and just ignore the messages or will this cause a problem in the long term?



Valued Contributor
The AP will allways try to connect to a ZD if it's on the same network.

But if you disable auto prov it will work, no problem. You will loose DPSK, 802.1X, coordinated channeling, MESH, etc. But the basic network will work. However your stand-alone AP will be tagged as rogue.

Wouldn't suggest it, but it will work.

Valued Contributor II
If you ssh into the AP and use the "set director" command (give a bogus IP address for the ZD) I believe it will stop trying to talk to your ZD and the messages should halt.