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Can I configure different AP in different WLAN with different radio

New Contributor II
Good Morning, I neet to configure 1 AP in different WLAN but with different radio

AP 1 -> Wlan guest radio 2.4ghz only
AP 1 -> Wlan tecnici radio 5ghz only

Giuseppe Montanarella

Valued Contributor
From Zone Director think I can do this but you don't mention if you're using ZD for configuration.

In ZD I can configure an AP to specify one WLAN group to broadcast using 2.4GHz and another WLAN group to use 5GHz.

So I put/assign "tecnici" in one WLAN group and "guest" in the other.

Might help (or might not)! Perhaps someone else can explain more clearly. Image shows the WLAN group choice on the AP edit page. My school WLAN group is called "HARROWDEN" but I could create others and have them broadcast on seperate frequency.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c407135b77e247925d8d_d3e3cc52fd9d2ca8fa4ec04b7354075a_wlangroups_inline-846e0ff4-d106-428e-9bde-effd8f2920fd-24254337.jpg1386680967