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Better AP for my home

New Contributor

Hello, I ask you for advice on which is the best AP for my home. My house is 10mtx10mt, on 2 floors. The AP would be placed in the center of the ground floor, at the top, almost at the edge of the ceiling. About 40 wireless devices will be connected to the AP. Another question: why  the R510 cost equal than the R310?




Yes, I wasn't clear. Ruckus sells product thru authorized/trained Resellers, but not online stores like eBay/Amazon.
We certainly replace any faulty unit that leaves the factory, once. People who request replacements, must return the faulty units (or destroy them). If anyone "resells" a device that we have already replaced (serial number), we do not replace it again.  (...and would suggest that person contact whomever "resold" the already replaced device to them!)

It doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen...  thanks.