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ZoneFlex 7055 Problem; WAN is blinking green light, please help me troubleshoot.

New Contributor
ZoneFlex 7055 Access Point, PWR led is steady flashing green;

WAN led is flashing blinking green light , this is my problem.

5g ,  2.4g, AIR, DIR led have no light.

* I have done soft and hard reset multiple times and plugging it again to the switch hub, 
please help.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Josephus,

According to the standalone version user guide for version 106 code:

A blinking PWR LED indicates the AP has not yet received a valid IP from DHCP that is route able

The AP test connectivity to the Default Gateway to verify Network Connectivity.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c447135b77e2479fd3fd_24407253ac64748950cf1f69f4408161_RackMultipart2019042683151awza-d318501f-ac41-409c-b7b4-44d5af6b4ae3-1522064404.png1556304592
Image_ images_messages_5f91c447135b77e2479fd3fd_fbeeb16cb4e53fec09f59d19b762342e_RackMultipart201904261255311vz-7089f6bd-a49c-4bc0-bcb5-1f5b7a23d9be-7453967.png1556304635

Check if the port the AP is connected to is providing DHCP services on the Native/Default VLAN.
When factory defaulted the AP sends/receives management traffic untagged.  The internal/native VLAN for the AP is 1.

If you wish to use static IP's you should be able to access the AP using it's default IP of  Make sure you set a reachable Default Gateway which the AP will use to verify Network connectivity.

The 5G, 2.4, Air, DIR LED being off indicates the AP has not been configured yet.

The blinking WAN LED indicates traffic is being seen on the Ethernet port, but is probably not getting across the internal bridge if the AP is not configured with a valid IP yet.

I hope this information is helpful

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