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Best way of configuring two R700 APs

New Contributor II

Just got my hands on two R700 AP's which I am planning on using to fully cover my house.
What is the best way of setting up two R700's, without having SmartZone or ZoneDirector?

Would be perfect if they could work together somehow, broadcasting the same SSID and handing off devices to eachother.. but I have a feeling that this wouldn't be possible.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for providing such a detailed answer.

Ruckus Cloud sounds like the perfect solution for me, but I cannot seem to find anything about pricing and sign-up. Do you happen to know how to sign-up as a consumer, not as a company? Thanks again!

Contributor II
Check out this page with link to 60-day free trial:

I'm sure the trial team can get you in touch with a local reseller that can help you.  if you still have trouble let me know and I'll find someone to help.  I'm in Canada so only know the local team here..


New Contributor III
Why would any homeowner want to pay for cloud when he/she could use unleashed?

Please add support for unleashed in the r700 and r730.