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Best Practice Optimization by CLI for Zone Director

New Contributor III
Based upon reading through the various technotes and forum posts, we've come up with the following command-line optimizations for ruckus deployments. I'd like to hear from Ruckus if all of these are still valid/necessary with current configurations, and/or if anyone else has additional items they find helpful.

These are designed for public-access scenarios with moderate density, and the changes have been particularly focused on increasing compatibility with Mac OS, Apple TV and iOS clients.

1) for each wlan:
wlan "mywlan"
bss-minrate 5.5
no qos directed-multicast
qos directed-threshold 0
No qos igmp-snooping

2) For each AP group:
ap-group "System Default"
no qos mld-query v1
no qos mld-query v2
no qos igmp-query v2
no qos igmp-query v3
qos query-Interval 0 directed multicast disable

New Contributor III
I should add that these are in no way recommendations for you to try this in your environment 🙂 Review all documentation and TEST in your environment before deploying...

These are just things I've picked up from reviewing forum posts and reading tech notes. I've been particularly focused on largest common denominator settings that get virtually all clients connected and working without any IT intervention.

Valued Contributor
It's excellent that there are people like you willing to share their test and results.

One thing I noticed though is that I don't think ofdm-only and bss-minrate 5.5 go together. when you enable ofdm-only the minimum rate is 6.

Esteemed Contributor II
Two cents to Primoz. Omit the 'ofdm-only' under the WLAN, and you have our
recommendation for Bonjour and non-well-known multicast protocols, that these
commands will flood to wired/wireless clients on the VLAN. The bss-minrate 5.5
will stop using 1mb/2mb, and thus shrinks your coverage radius to tell clients to
consider roaming sooner (specifically implemented to help sticky Apple clients).
By disabling mld/igmp on the AP, you also tell the system to let clients register
and query with multicast groups, not to proxy on their behalves.

New Contributor III
Thanks for the thoughts on this. Why should we omit ofdm-only? I've seen that in several of the best practices documents. My understanding is that the only downsifde of this is blocking 802.11b-only clients, which I'm OK with 🙂 Are there other side-effects?