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Avaya Interoperability 3500 Series

New Contributor
Is AP Zone Flex R700 and Zone Director 1100 compatible with Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series? Is there any application notes about the interoperability?


Contributor III
Any switch that supports VLANs (and 802.1q trunking) should be compatible with Ruckus ZoneDirector controllers and APs.
With that being said, there's more to consider than the brand of the switch being used when determining the WiFi/network design and/or compatibility w/ an existing network.

You may want to look at some Avaya "ERS" documents for details:

You might also need/want to know about configuring a "native"/default/untagged VLAN on a trunked port.

Contributor III
The most common and simple design for Ruckus ZoneDirectors and APs involves having a switched network with "end-to-end" VLANs that span your entire network.
Then you can allocate a single "wireless management" VLAN/Subnet for the management IPs of your controllers and all APs.

(a typical "class C"/24 management subnet would accomodate about 250 APs, assuming there's nothing else in it)

Connect your controller to an "access"/untagged port that only carries the one management VLAN.
Connect your APs to trunked/tagged ports, that have your management VLAN as the only "native"/untagged VLAN on that port.
All other VLANs on the trunk ports connected to your APs (the ones that your wireless clients will be in) will be "tagged".

When configuring the ruckus ZoneDirector controller, select one of those "other" VLANS for use w/ each of your SSIDs.
(I assume that your wired network has centralized routing between subnets)

There are other designs.
I think it's the simplest one.

If your wired network is compatible w/ this design then it may be a good starting point for you.
If not, then you will need to look into other designs, possibly including tunneling traffic from APs to ZoneDirectors.

..but you'll need to settle on (or at least narrow-down choices for) a design before going too far w/ configuration details.

If this is too much to consider at once, then you may want consult w/ a contractor.