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Apple OSX devices getting no internet while connected to Ruckus APs

New Contributor II
We have an environment with 36 R510 APs spread among 12 floors with 2 ZD1200's on the back end. We notice on a daily basis that random set of Wifi users cannot browse the internet or get disconnected in the middle of a video call even though they have full bars for Wifi.  This is an issue because the building is 100% wireless. We have turned off DFS channels, and tweaked power levels accordingly to minimize overlap. It seems that only Apple users are effected. Are there any known issues with Ruckus and Apple devices?

New Contributor II
ditto on our corporate environment. This problem started from zone directors and now we still have it in Smartzone 100. Impossible to replicate but obviously everyone having the issue. All Ruckus has been recommending is controller upgrades and minor tweaks like ofdm only turn on and bss min tage adjustments which also changes with the change in Rep everytime. Now sure what else to do at this point. Even when the issue was happening we got on the call, but if there is no traffic passing, there is gonna be nothing on the capture obviously. But again, turn wifi on/off problem is fixed.

I spent 4 months on this back it 2016, initially i was sorry I purchased ruckus, but then it sort of came together.

I got really angry with apple, becasue if you go to "sys-info" ->wifi
and make a note of the : (they stripped a lot of the info out....), 

Card Type: AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x134)
Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

you will find macs from EXACTLY the same family with specific revisions of the BC chipset
BUT with different FW versions!!!!!, ESP. if they are from different years of production.

when you update a mac it DOES NOT update everything at a system level, apple DOES NOT keep the internal FW's updated and in sync. (no FW is NOT available)

So you might have two 'identical'   "MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)"
but the damned  BC FW is NOT the same!!!, how the hell can any system be reliable & stable , using such poor attitudes.

We....   me .. apple.. ruckus, identified a specific issue with sleep, where RCs was "closed out" due to time out, but since the mac was woken from sleep, it still considered the "link" to be alive..
we clearly saw packets going out from apple kit and disappearing into the "ether"
Much of this should have been fixed in later  os updates of both sides.

Now my kit in factory location is fine over 3 floors of production area  (110M long)& passes off nicely as long as it cannot see distant WIFI points it tied to previously & moved whilst sleeping.
but now users just toggle the wifi if it gets "stuck" (we have seen AP hand off stuck with other brands of kit as well)

as long as my mac does not sleep... i can freely wander about our sites and no handover issues.
and  currently i have about 160 devices on WIFI... in this 1 location.
I think it is tolerated  because:
1. the mix of devices is less legacy
2. Due to pixel masterbation... kit does not sleep so much.

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So the outcome is to turn off 2.4 Ghz on the AP's and/or Zone Director?

Turning off 2.4 GHz helps but doesn't fully solve the issue. We turned off 2.4 GHz last summer and have had less complaints about slowness (from connections to distant APs), but still sometimes have to have mac laptops turn airport off and back on to re-connect. iPads and iPhones support 802.11r and don't seem to have the same issues.

New Contributor III
We're seeing this same issue again with the latest build 26. I have an open case with Ruckus but again since it is so intermittent and our campus is so large (131 AP's and growing), I'm having trouble nailing anything down. High Sierra "seems" to be stable but with over 1500 devices, getting everything up to date is a nightmare.