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Apple OSX devices getting no internet while connected to Ruckus APs

New Contributor II
We have an environment with 36 R510 APs spread among 12 floors with 2 ZD1200's on the back end. We notice on a daily basis that random set of Wifi users cannot browse the internet or get disconnected in the middle of a video call even though they have full bars for Wifi.  This is an issue because the building is 100% wireless. We have turned off DFS channels, and tweaked power levels accordingly to minimize overlap. It seems that only Apple users are effected. Are there any known issues with Ruckus and Apple devices?

New Contributor III
We see this issue too. Would love to understand a good set of techniques to diagnose such issues.

New Contributor III
Hi, I had similar issue in the past and found out that problem was caused by situation that there was many DHCP servers in the network. In that situation, Android devices worked normally, but iOS devices couldn't connect. You mentioned that you have two ZDs, so it reminded me to that case.

New Contributor II
I have the same issue, with only 1 ZD1200 managing my WiFi network...

New Contributor II
Bump to this issue. We identified that this affects Mac clients and not Windows clients.

Turning off roaming between APs and removing "dashes" in SSID temporarily solves the issues.

Do Macs handle roaming poorly with Ruckus? Can symbols in SSIDs affect Macs?