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Anyone have trouble connecting their Sonos to their Ruckus R510 unleashed?

New Contributor III
I have 4 APs at the office all R510s with R510_200.   - for some reason my Sonos can't even find it.   I have 2.4GHz enabled.   I know with some APs I've worked with in the past I've had to enable multicast.  I couldn't find that in the GUI.   I found a very unclear thread that sounded like  you couldn't use unleashed or might need a zone director - I couldn't make heads or tails of what the environment that does or doesn't work with Sonos.    Can anyone answer for my specific environment?

New Contributor
In unleashed:

>AP>Edit AP Group> Radio (2.4G) and Radio (5G)>11n only Mode and 11n/ac/ax only Mode

leave it on Auto.

N-only and N/AC only does not work out for Sonos.