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Anyone else experiencing signal fluctuation and random latency on

New Contributor II
After upgrading from .243 to .278, devices that were previously at the same distance from the AP (line of sight, no blocking objects and within 20 feet) went from no latency to fluctuating signal strength and periodic latency/lag/jitter under .278.  This is on an R710 with <20 clients (most being idle).

After reverting to .243 the issue disappeared.

This R710 is not the master and the client is connected via 802.11ac.

New Contributor III
are you using channelfly or background scanning? i read than channelfly may show such issue in first 60 minutes

Initially (in the first 30-60 minutes) there will be more frequent channel changes as ChannelFly learns the environment. However, once an AP has learned about the environment and which channels are most likely to offer the best throughput potential, channel changes will occur less frequently unless a large measured drop in throughput occurs.

Not using channel fly.  So that would not be a consideration.  Background scanning is enabled and set to 65535 seconds.  if I recall, that's the max value.  Would be nice to be able to schedule it for a specific time on each AP for a specific time (or times).  Even if the background scan kicked off after initial reboot of the AP on the new version would not expect it to persist across multiple hours, no?  eg: shouldn't the AP settle within a couple hours?