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Alternate rate limit configuration on a Zonedirector

New Contributor II
I need to define different rate limits for clients on my Zone director. 5Mbps for each client during the day and 10Mbps during night. How do I define it ?
I use Ruckus ZoneFlex APs.
Please advise

Valued Contributor
There is functionality in ZD gui to rate limit and schedule WLAN availability but not multiple combinations of each.

Creative Workaround:
You could create a Night WLAN (2200-0600) and Day WLAN (0601-2159) and give them separate rate limits.
[Timings are merely sugggestions]

You would have to configure your clients to use the the two WLANs (I am just stating the obvious here).

Rate limiting and schedules found in
wlans (edit appropriate one)
advanced... (as large pic)

Image_ images_messages_5f91c41d135b77e24796d03e_96c252e1d769917d0ab8fa21a7647b16_RackMultipart2015062523651bdbb-1ddf2699-9a7d-47c0-9190-fed248180896-1262217045.jpg1435234455

See that Max's example includes the "Service Schedule" for when your APs will advertise/service the WLAN, giving you that additional control.

Thank you for your explanation.

Just wonder why such an elementry service of scheduled rate limiting is missing.

Seems to me that many customers would require this capability.