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All accesspoints (ZF7372) disconnected after Upgrade ZD1106 Firmware from to

New Contributor
for our wifi environment we have two zd1106 in a "smart redundancy" cluster.
actually they're running firmware ...
now i have to update them, because of several issues like "no manual set up wifi connection",
"zero-it no android 5.0 support" and others ..  (can't comprehend the idea to remove the "manual setup", but that's the way it is.)
unfortunately, the newest firmware 9.10 (whitch is my final target) doesn't support android 5.0 either, but i hope at least the "manual setup" possibility is back again !)

a few days a go i tried to upgrade to .. like written in release notes i've disactivated the
"smart redundancy" and started upgrading the controllers, one by one ...

after that, all ! accesspoints (zf7372) stayed disconnectet, and didn't found their controller again..
but all of them received the new firmware version ( !
when i directly connect to one of the zf7372, i see he's still controlled by the zd1106, but can't reach him.

i thought, the only way to make our wifi working again is to downgrade the two controllers ..
but it didn't help .. the zf7372 were still disconnected and still running firmware ..
now i had to MANUALLY downgrade every single of the 40 accesspoints by resetting and downgrading it ... it took some hours .. but with this firmware they found the controller and
the wifi was like before ..

question: does anybody has or had the same problem .. ?  what am I doing wrong ?

best regards and thanks ..