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All SSIDs NOT visible on all Access Points

New Contributor II
I have 11 SSIDs/WLANs configured on my Zone Director.
I am not getting all of these showing up on all 17 of my access points.
I have a variety of r510, h510 and r310 access points which according to the spec sheets can do up to 16 SSIDs.
All of the WLANS are in their default groups.
I have tried deleting the AP's from the Zone Director and re-adding them and tried restarting the entire network. Nothing seems to be working. 
Any ideas/help/advice would be appreciated.

Valued Contributor
Hi Joseph,

To be clear; are you stating that ALL 17 access points are transmitting ALL 11 SSIDs?

If so, this is massively inefficient and a huge amount of your Wi-Fi capacity will be taken up with overheads rather than client data.  It's recommended to keep the number of SSIDs transmitted by any single AP to as little as possible (fewer SSIDs = better efficiency), with a general rule of thumb of 3 to 4 being the most before a noticeable performance impact. This link might help you understand the impact further:

What version of ZD software are you running? When you click into the AP on the ZD, is it showing that the WLAN is provisioned on the AP?


Esteemed Contributor II
Sound best practice advice, thanks Darrel!

Contributor III
The posts by Michael and Darrel are exactly right.  You might want to consider using role based access to consolidate users requiring different policies into a single SSID for each method of authentication (combine the psk networks together, combine the 802.1x networks together).  If you're not using radius, you can use DPSK to map users to different roles. Each role can specify the ACL, vlan, operating schedule, rate limits, OS policies, and application policies.  You can control just about everything with role based access.

New Contributor II
Hi David and Darrel, Thank you for the reply.  I understand your thoughts on having 11 SSIDs.  We are not using radius or any other management software for user access aside from the standard SSID login.  Yes, I agree 11 sounds like a lot but out of the 1.2Gb capacity can you accurately say how much bandwidth or spectrum utilization a single SSID uses?  I would suspect it is an insignificant amount but i'm just assuming...  
I've not used DPSK or radius before.  Maybe there is a better way.  Below are a few of the must have requirements.  Can you advise if Radius or DPSK or other would work.

The requirements for our network are 11 VLANs for network separation of devices.  Each VLAN must have a unique password.  VLAN must have one password for all users.  Must not require IT assistance for users to login.  We are using R510 with zone director 1200.