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After vSZ upgrade, bunch of ap's stays offline

New Contributor II
When trying to upgrade the ap's from v3.6 to v5 in vSZ, approx 50 of 150 ap's stays offline. There is no way I can reach them.
SSH to the specific ap's isn't possible and the LWAPP2SCG policy is accepting all. The rest of the ap's upgraded succesfully.
Any suggestions?I ran out of ideas 😞

New Contributor III
Are they all the same type etc ?  It may be something as simple as, older models may no longer work on that firmware.

Alternatively I have run into cases where the APs drop, they're pingable, however I can usually SSH into them and you may just need to set the scg ip again.

If you cannot SSH, you may want to try factory defaulting 1 or 2 and seeing if they rejoin.  They may have bugged out for some reason.

Thank you for your reply Karl :-)All of our ap's are exactly of the same type R710 and the rest of our locations (+/- 100 ap's) upgraded just fine. So the model type shouldn't be the problem.

Unfortunately they aren't pingable....I will try to FD a couple to see if that works out...

New Contributor II
I was going to upgrade to version 5.0 myself before contacting support to make sure all of my APs would go to v5.0.  Unfortunately there were some (H500's) that were having known issues with 5.0, and it was suggested I wait until 5.1 to come out before upgrading.  It's possible the ones that are having trouble may be in that small percentage that would have issues with v5.0  Given you've stated every AP you have are R710's, I would recommend doing what Andy suggested, but I would always read the release notes, and double check with support that your current infrastructure is capable of going to the next version without any known issues.  Let us know if you're still having issues, and what results you yielded in resolving this.