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After upgrading firmware 7363 won't save configuration settings

New Contributor
I've upgraded the firmware on a ZF 7363 following the process outlined in the user guide from a downloaded copy of the firmware and the upgrade seemed to apply fine and the system rebooted (from to However, when I go to configure anything (2.4g, 5g) the previous settings don't show and when I re-enter them it will not save the changes. The device status shows the new firmware version, however it won't save any configuration changes. I'm new to Ruckus, is there possibly something I'm missing in the process?

New Contributor
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. What worked for me was a combination of a couple of the suggestions:
Performed a factory reset
Located the device's new ip address (it defaults to dhcp, so your ip may change)
Logged in and flashed the update from a local download of ver.
Closed the browser after the flash completed
Re-opened the browser & logged in again.
Rebooted the AP again (not sure this is necessary, but it doesn't hurt anything)
Logged in again and it now allows me to make/save configuration changes.