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Adding Outdoor AP to Existing R600 setup

New Contributor

Hi all,

I am relatively new to the Ruckus, I have just been tasked to add outdoor AP to existing setup which consist of R600 AP's.

I was wondering whether anyone has similar set up with an outdoor AP and whether they can recommend what to get. 

Had a nosey at available products and seems like the T610 would probably be a good choice, but I want to make sure the hand over between r600 and t610 will be seamless and not going to throw clients off? 



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Hi @pawel_kozlowski,

R600 is a Wave-I 11AC AP. And we stopped supporting Wave-I APs starting from unleashed 200.8. I believe your current setup is on earlier release and the T610 is on latest.

Upgrade the existing setup to 200.7 or downgrade the T610 to match the existing setup. Also we made changes to unleashed setup, only Wave-II (T610... etc) APs can be a master in the cluster due to better hardware resources.



Contributor II

Any of the RUCKUS access points managed under the same control-plane (i.e. Unleashed controller-less, Zone Director, SmartZone, or Ruckus Cloud) will provide you with the seamless roaming across access points.

In fact, it is very easy to add APs to an existing system.

Depending on the use case, even the T3xx series would be fine for outdoor.   T610 is better for higher capacity depolyments.

Just ensure that any access point used has a supported software version with any existing access points.

Valued Contributor II

T610 is very good. The only problem is that it costs. It's also not same size as indoor devices, but much bigger.