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Control Panel for my Access Points

New Contributor

I would to know if is possible to manage all my AccessPoints (there are 16 AP, model name "R600") from an only one dashboard.


Vorrei sapere se è possibile gestire tutti i miei AccessPoint (sono in tutto 16, modello "R600") da un'unica dashboard.
Grazie in anticipo.

Valued Contributor II


It is possible, of cause, you have multiple options:

1. Use Ruckus Cloud.

2. Use Ruckus controller (ZD1200, SmartZone or virtual Smartzone)

3. Use them in Unleashed mode (controller software runs on AP).

The last option is in principle free (if not buying support), all other require subscription or licenses and some additional hardware.

To use R600 as unleashed, you need to change AP image to Unleashed image (available on Support portal). You can use 200.7 or older, as R600 is not supported on later versions.

Hope it helps.

Contributor II

How do you control them at the moment?  Do you have a controller?

You could convert them to Unleashed by loading the Unleashed firmware available here

@andrea_coppini Hi, thanks for your comment, but I haven't any controller to control them.

@iis_galilei then you would need to load the firmware I linked to above, one by one to each AP. Once that is done you can configure all the APs into a single Unleashed cluster.

For more functionality you would need a Ruckus Cloud subscription or buy a ZD1200 or SmartZone Controller.