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Access point rebooted by system

New Contributor

Good morning,

I work in a company that uses the ruckus controller and I would like some support, because as shown in the photo, we have an access point in the R610 model that had this reset. 

The site switch has an uptime of more than 3 weeks and there has been no change in the port configuration.
Can you help me??

Ruckus AP.png



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Rafael_Zezilia 

Could you please help me with the below information?
1. What is the version controller version?
2. Is this happening only with R610?
3. Is it for a specific R610 or for all the R610?
4. Is this happening randomly?

We have to review the AP support file which tells about the complete details about the reboot. Can you download the AP support file as soon as the AP reboots and open a support case.