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AP's fail to come back online after ZD update

New Contributor II
I am wondering if anyone else has had this same issue and has found a workaround. I updated ZD3000 twice in the past 3 weeks. Each time 1 or 2 AP's have failed to take the update and connect to ZD. We only have around 60 AP in our network and this is quite a big failure rate.

APs that are ZD controlled can't be provisioned by a FM and if the problem is on MESH APs, then you have a job on your hands if this is what's happening.

Did you power cycle the lost MESH APs before manually cervicing them and they still didn't come back?

Sometimes they come back online after a power cycle, and other times I have to manually upgrade them to the new revision. Is this a problem with too many meshed AP's possibly? I know some companies have over 5k AP's to manage, I can't imagine the headache if 5% of these fail to upgrade like I am experiencing. There has to be a workaround somewhere. I don't want to keep sending technicians out to manually upgrade if there is something I can do remotely to remedy this problem.

Valued Contributor
I'd just say you were unlucky with the timing of your implementation and this FW. I've been involved with RW since firmware 3 and went through all of them, and only occasionally they get it a bit wrong. Sometimes a small bug causes bigger problems.
But I'm sure they'll sort it out with 9.7, they always have in the past.

New Contributor
We just pushed and had 3 fail. We can ping and manage the AP's via the web interface. We have also tried to force the update via CLI but get a file not found error.

Esteemed Contributor II
Does an AP reboot help?

If you can ping the AP, can you SSH in and type "get director", do the APs know the
ZD's IP address.

If you type "set director ip a.b.c.d" (with your ZD's IP), then "reboot", do the APs
show up on the ZD?

It does sound like there was some unusual glitch.