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AP restarting in a single room of the building

New Contributor II
AP restarting in a single room of the building
Good afternoon!
I'm serious problems in my ruckus wi -fi environment.
I have a ZD 1106 with 23 APs ZF7372 .
What happens is that two APs from just one locality are restarting and consequently disconnecting users.
Already tested network, energy and until we make the exchange of a healthy AP by one of these APs with the problem and to my surprise the AP healthy this same locality began to have the same problem of APs that were before in this same location .

Viewing the Logs noticed that after restarting the controller shows the Feedback .

AP [ JAC - Floor North ] warm boot successfully , last reboot reason [ power cycle ] .

I ask for help Ruckus community because I'm about to lose my job because of not solving this problem

I am grateful for everyone's help .

Rodrigo Soares

Are you absolutely sure this isn't a POE issue? Sure sounds like a switch that's having trouble powering the AP under load.

Valued Contributor II
A "power cycle" is the restart reason I get if I simply unplug my AP and plug it back in. This seems strongly indicative that you either have an ethernet cable integrity issue, a PoE switch that's flaky (either always or under load), etc etc etc.

New Contributor II
Hello people.
in my environment the APS are connected directly to the power supply . We do not use POEs here. on the cable even redid the ethernet cable and also put the antennas this same floor in the same environment of antennas that are not giving problem, in my case is the first direct network switch where also the parent company is located .
Really do not know what to do and what tests we run .
My idea is that energy is something to do , however I have no idea how can I test .

Are you saying you use a power supply that feeds the DC input jack on the AP, or are you using a POE injector? In either case, you DID try a new power supply, right?