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AP no longer showing SSID when disconnected from ZoneDirector

New Contributor II
I have Ruckus products in all of my offices... we have a few sites that are connected via VPN to the main site and others are on an MPLS connection... When any of the sites loses connectivity to the main site, the ZD becomes unreachable... When this happens, nobody can connect to the wireless network until connections to the main site are restored... I understand that this may be the proper behavior by design, but it's a bit of a problem...

I need to have some sort of a backup plan for when someone comes into the office and the network is unavailable... is there a way to have the AP's use their last config until the ZD comes back?

here's a very similar topic, but it was almost a year old, so I thought it best to open another...

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Jonathan, for more detail, see "Autonomous WLANs" in a ZD User Guide.
With this designation, an Open or PSK WLAN maintains authorized client
connections/services, when the remote AP and ZD aren't communicating.

New Contributor II
Have a ZD1100 that is not recovering after FDISK and attempted reload of image through the web recovery.  No boot.  Is there something I could do through the console to clear anything and make it boot?

Is there a way that I can login to the "Island-" broadcast and reconfigure that AP to operate stand-alone, so that I can at least get some coverage until a resolution on the ZD?  If not, what's the best way to go about that?  Do I have to physically take it down and reset it?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jason, this is a little off topic from the original thread, and I'm sorry your ZD won't recover from FDISK reformat and attempt to reload firmware.
We have an article on how to access a disconnected AP during the period it's advertising the recovery Island SSID, before it reboots and starts over.

Follow the recovery steps thru Step 3, to access the AP broadcasting Island SSID, then update for standalone use.
You may still want to do a factory default and perhaps load 100.1.x.x.x base image, if your ZD was on 9.9 or 9.10.