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AP for an iPad cart connected to different VLAN's with Bradford Network Sentry?

New Contributor
VLAN Setup:
500 - Production
11 - Bradford Registration
12 - Bradford Remediation
13 - Bradford Quarantine

We currently have an iPad cart with a Cisco AP1142n in it. When our student workers place the cart in different classrooms, there is always an active Ethernet port they plug the cart into (for the AP). All of these ports are setup as regular access ports, all in different VLAN's Behind all of these active ports is our NAC solution, Bradford Network Sentry. This forces device registration, remediation and quarantine. Bradford uses VLAN's 11,12 & 13, receptively.

I setup a 7363 to replace the Cisco AP, and statically set the ZoneDirector so, the AP itself can traverse the all of the VLAN's but every device that connects gets a production VLAN and seems like the RADIUS authentication goes out the window.

All of the switches that the classroom ports plug into are Cisco 3560g switches. A normal port for the AP to work correctly with the NAC is the following:

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport allowed vlan 11-13,500
switchport native vlan 500
switchport mode trunk

I'm not sure how the Cisco AP works in a Controller envornment, but Ruckus does not. Does anyone have any suggestions, or have a similar setup? I was hoping to avoid toning and re-configuring 80+ ports to get this work properly...Thanks in advance!

New Contributor
My iPad was connected to a VLAN. But later when I tried to connect to another one, I was unable to do so. As it was an issue with my iPad settings, Firefox Support helped to fix the issue.