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7761CM - Set Director IP not available

New Contributor
When attempting to set the director ip on the 7761cm Outdoor access point using "set director ip {ip}" I receive the following error.

Command is not recognized: set director ip

Also, when checking the version, I have a strange version number: 
rkscli: get version
Ruckus 7761CM Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP
Any help would be wonderful. I need to set the director ip so I can manage it with my Zone Director.

Esteemed Contributor II
I think you ought to take it back to where you got it, or where did you get it please?

It's running SCG code, but we never released, the first SCG release was

Esteemed Contributor II
That said, if you are able to access the AP with default uid/pw, you might try installing a Solo AP image,
which can join ZD or SZ controllers, and should support your 'set director ip a.b.c.d' command.

7761cm was not in the list and 7781cm does not work. any suggestion?