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AP H320 don´t show clients connected on the controller

New Contributor

I already did hard reset, reconfigured and the problem remains.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @ITBrasil 

Could you please share the below details:
1. Controller version.
2. AP support log, which can be downloaded from the controller GUI.
3. From the controller GUI, click on the Access Points tab >> Click on the H320 AP >> Share the General tab screen shot

You can send the information directly to only ME so that I can check and respond.

Hi @sanjay_kumar, thank you for replying!

Follows the requested information:

1. Controller version:

2. AP support log

3. AP General 



Hi @ITBrasil 
I do not see any clients connected on the AP support log. Even if the controller GUI does not show the clients, the AP should have the details on the Support log if the client is connected to the AP.

Can you share the same information again when you have the client connected to the AP?


So, it is not possible to connect to the AP. Because we have several devices connected via wifi, located in the same place as this AP, and none connect to it. We have already tested other APs on the same network point, and it was possible to connect to them.
Is there any solution for this AP or just doing the replacement?