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AC AP selection

New Contributor III
I am trying to choose an AC AP for our new office.
I was looking at the R600 spec and have problem to understand the client limit spec:
Concurrent Stations	Up to 500 clients per AP
Simultaneous VoIP Clients Up to 30
What does the VoIP Clients limit means? is that WiFi users that are using VoIP application such as Skype or a different type of connection supported by the AP?

Also, is there any spec that mentions the coverage distance of the AP?

Hi Yuval,its the max user concurrent user supported by one AP when threre is simultaneous VOIP calls without call quality decreasing (with SIP or other VOIP protocol and codec).
About coverage it depending of your space propagation

Assume that it's an open space with no walls. What would be a reasonable distance from the AP?

Valued Contributor II
VOIP clients refers to things like Spectralink handsets that use Call Admission Control  / QoS to guarantee airtime, it doesn't apply to VOIP applications like Skype/Facetime/Google Hangouts or even Wi-Fi Calling, all of which were designed to cope with an unreliable network without strict realtime guarantees.

Be aware though that regardless of AP, supporting more than 30 simultaneous VOIP calls is moderately challenging for networking equipment and you may find that your upstream firewall/gateway isn't up to snuff either!

So if I have an open space area (no walls) with around 50 users that will do  normal Wi-Fi usage like browsing / video / standard voice applications. Will one R600 AP handle it? What are the guidelines for choosing between R500/R600/R700?