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[960 License threshold exceeded][AP Capacity License] limit reached at [90%].

New Contributor II
Im new to the Ruckus environment, i tried doing a search and nothing came up.

The previous employee left this solution with 2 AP's setup. I'm trying to setup the rest of them with limited knowledge.

Smartzone 100 using Zoneflex R610 AP's

Does this have to do with how many licenses I have for my AP's? I currently have paid for 2 licenses and trying to connect a 3rd AP.

New Contributor III
Sounds like a fair assumption. Try removing one of your existing APs to check.

Thanks but those 2 are in production ...I cant remove any

RUCKUS Team Member
Both Disconnected and Connected AP's count towards AP capacity license count.  Make sure you delete any unused/disconnected AP's from the vSZ.  AP's over the purchased license count will not be allowed to connect.

ok got it...I have requested additional licenses from our 3rd party provider...Im hoping it just connects smoothly once the additional licenses are added