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9.x or 10.x for new deployment?

New Contributor III
Deploying a new network in a co-working space with 9 APs and a ZD-1200.  Feature-wise, I'm drawn to the 10.x train, but not having any long-term experience with Ruckus to see a major version number jump, I'm not sure which way to go.  9.x is what cisco used to refer to as "GA", correct?  Anyone have feedback on what the rough edges are in 10.0?

I also assume I have to have the APs on the same major software revision, right?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Sporkman,

    Yes, the is officially a GA (General Availability) release, the ZD platform OS
is pretty stable.  ZD 10.0 came out in May, so a version 10.1.x.x.x (MR1) shouldn't be too far
away.  We currently recommend the latest 9.13.3 (MR3) until we see 10.1 (MR1), but for a
small deployment I wouldn't be uncomfortable starting wth 10.0 (GA) for features/functions.

New Contributor III
Thanks - also what's "MR" an acronym for?  And is Scan Source ( an official VAR or not?  Having issues getting support lined up on this stuff.

Esteemed Contributor II
MR stands for Maintenance Release, the interim releases between major General Availability versions, in which most new features/functions are added.
Scan Source is a direct distributor, who also sell support licenses but they don't answer customer questions like a standard Reseller.
You can sign up from the Buy link on our corporate website, and someone will contact you back,
Or you can choose a well known VAR, like Hula Networks, who sell direct and will answer design planning questions too.