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9.8 and iPad issue

New Contributor II
We have a customer running 20x R700 and therefore running firmware 9.8 on the ZD.

Generally it is working great except for iPads. They can connect to the network and work but after 5mins connections is lost. The iPad still shows as connected but there is no internet, airplay or anything network related.

If we disable and re-enable wifi then it works again for another 15ish minutes.

SSID is visible, WPA2/AES.

Can anyone suggest what is happening?

Valued Contributor
There can be many things that can go wrong and not all are related to WLAN. I'm using 9.8 and my iPad is working just fine.

Does your ipad still have an IP at the time you can't access the internet any more?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Andrew,

When this happens "after 5mins connections is lost. The iPad still shows as connected".... what does event's and activities on ZD shows?

as far as i know usually such issues are seen after channel change which could be triggered channel fly or background scanning etc.


What is IOS version on the iPad you got?
When "The iPad still shows as connected but there is no internet" happens. Are you able to see other SSID's on the iPad?

New Contributor II
IPads are on latest (7.1.1). This is about 30 iPads not just one.

Worked fine on 9.7.1 with ZF7372. ChannelFly has been enabled, whereas previously it was just set to background scanning.

I'll check the ZD logs

Valued Contributor II
Hi Andrew,

Please open a support case. 9.8 is just about to "freeze" for the GA release and if this is a new bug we'd like to identify it in time to resolve.

That said, it does look similar to an issue already corrected in the 9.8 GA. If these are first/second generation iPads, it's probably the same issue. Setting encryption to WPA would also be a valid test.