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802.x for tunnel WiFi network over VPN link

New Contributor

I'm trying to tunnel my WiFi network over my VPN link so that I would have the same network on both of my locations. The problem is that if I use 802.1x RADIUS authentication (using Microsoft Network Policy Server as RADIUS) I can see in my RADIUS server log that access is granted but client doesn’t connect to tunneled WiFi network. If I check my ZoneDirector logs I see that the client has been authenticated successfully but it is after few seconds automatically disconnected from the network. If I just change authentication to standard WPA2-PSK AES or if I don’t tunnel the traffic (if I connect to the same network on my primary location where I don’t need to tunnel it), client authenticates and connects with no problems. So the problem is only on my secondary location, which is connected over IPsec VPN tunnel to my primary location and only if I use 802.1x for authentication. Any idea what could be wrong?

Thank you!

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