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7982 In & Out of Service

New Contributor
I have a 7982 that is coming in and out of service. I've had it running for about a couple of years without any issues. What could be the problem?

Valued Contributor II
Hi Jerry,

This was a very limited problem description and so I suspect that's why no one has responded.

Can you give us a little more detail on "in and out of service"? Do you mean the lights are going on and off, the SSID isn't visible from your computer, etc? How often does this happen, how long is it "out" etc.

Please also let us know if it's under ZD control and what version of ZoneFlex is running.

New Contributor
I have the same problem with 7982's  They have been working fine until this year and suddenly they advertise SSID's but no one can connect.  The WAP is connected to a ZD3050 running build 148.  We have not changed settings or wiring or switch/VLAN settings.  Need some help on this one or we need to get them replaced.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Jerry,

     You mention a problem with one 7982(?).  Have there been any changes to
the environment around this AP, like contstruction, new heating/AC, electrical,
etc?  Have you done any troubleshooting?  Have you looked at the AP support
info for Athstats (indicating interference near the AP), and the Syslog of events?
If you don't have a controller managing your AP, reboot it once in a while, so the
SmartSelect algorithm can choose best 2.4/5G channels at that time.  And run
the latest firmware available, which will have the most up to date bug fixes and
enhancements, ie.

   Or if you like Gary, have a ZD controller managing your AP, upgrade (after backups)
to latest firmware for the same reasons, and that would be 9.12.3 MR3 Refresh, with
RNs and FW at these links:


New Contributor
The problem for us has been a bunch of 7982's.  They are starting (at varying times) to not allow access on certain SSID's.  That is we have 7 SSID's running, suddenly without changes to the system or environmental conditions, they dont accept users on certain SSID's.  Its only the 7982's that are doing this.  Our 7363 and 7372's have been fine.  The devices are just not helping us at this point - so I want to either warranty replace or get an SE out here to fix.  Thanks.