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7731 RB -NBR Problem

New Contributor II
I am trying to setup a link with a Root Bridge to a Non Root bridge. Once I choose a channel I am getting a good link. The Up/Down is 10/9 and RSSI is 39/36. From my understanding this is a descent link. However when I run the SpeedFlex test I am loosing a high percentage of packets and the throughput is low. I pull the logs and can see there is interference,but I am at a lost as to why the throughput is so slow. I ran some speedtest and was getting less than a meg. Any suggestions or where to troubleshoot.


Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, look at the Support Info and client statistics for your RB and NRB.  It sounds like you might be getting hit by some interference.  For example, this Root Bridge sees the NRB at RSSI = 67, but there is some interference resulting in 13% packet error rate.
STA: c4:10:8a:21:1f:a8
	rx_data_frm 158244 rx_mgt_frm 5 rx_bytes 22955781 rx_dup 5
	tx_data_frm 19668 tx_mgmt_frm 5 tx_bytes 3956709
	good_tx_frms 19673 good_rx_frms 158249 tx_retries 1010204
	tx_rate 108000 tx_kbps 16382 rx_crc_errs 109577
	tx_per 13 ack_rssi 66 rx_rssi 67
You don't want PER > 10%, and RSSI - PER >= 25.

Have you run the Channel Optimizer from your RB, and does it always choose the same channel?

New Contributor II
Where are you getting information that you posted on the reply? Here is my issue. Originally on this link I was getting good speeds up to 20/20. Then I tried changing the link to a 40mhz channel and now I am experiencing this issue.
Yes when I try the optimizer it is choosing the same channel.

Kenny, the Support Info file from each side 7731, will show the client statistics like my example above.

Ok I see it. Another question. What exactly does the Up/Down mean on the link. Right now I have a 22/20. Thanks