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7363 AP - VLAN for WVC54GCA Cameras

New Contributor
I have a 7363 AP and an ASA 5505 connected to a Comcast Business Broadband Modem.
15 x IOS devices
6 x wired devices
6 x WVC54GCA Cameras
Pretty sure 'best recommended' would be a VLAN on AP for cameras, yes?
Currently have one wlan with everything on it and ASA is doing DHCP for all wireless except cameras.
Could someone describe with a bit of detail how to get the cameras into a VLAN please.

Simply go to your Wireless Network and enter a VLAN number for Access VLAN—this is explained quite well in the User Guide. That said, VLANs can be a little confusing for the uninitiated so you’ll want to read up on this and how it’ll affect the rest of your network and related, which would likely be out of scope for this forum.

Hi Barry,

You need to create a new SSID for your cameras if you want to use a different VLAN .

In WVC54GCA Cameras there is an option to configure the fixed IP address as well as DHCP. You can choose DHCP if scope is defined on the ASA firewall for the cameras (New VLAN ) . Otherwise you can configure static IP address to each camera.

You also need to create a wireless profile with exactly same configuration as AP.
Means the SSID name , Network Type,security and the encryption should match in Camera's wireless settings.