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7055 Ethernet Config GUI not working

New Contributor

I just updated my 7055 devices to firmware The are running as stand-alone APs

The Ethernet Port config pages show incorrect information and don't appear to save config changes. 

The status pages shows:

Port  Interface  802.1X  Logical Link  Physical Link      Label
0     eth1       None    Down          Down               LAN1
1     eth2       None    Down          Down               LAN2
2     eth3       None    Down          Down               LAN3
3     eth4       None    Down          Down               LAN4
4     eth0       None    Up            Up 100Mbps full    POE IN, LAN5/UPLINK

However the GUI shows that:
Port 1 is enabled and an access port
Ports 2,3,4 are disabled and are access ports
Port 5 is disabled and is a trunk port

A cable is plugged into Port 5 as the up-link to POE switch; none of the other ports are connected to devices.

The APs appear to still be working correctly for WiFi.

Is there something I'm not understanding about the port config, or is this some sort of bug?

I may try to downgrade to and see if this helps.

Any other suggestions on how to resolve this?