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5HZ band on AP gone

New Contributor
i have R500 AP and client. Two days ago the 5HZ band light went and now the only green lights on the AP are the 2HZ and the power. The client is fine. Any idea please?

New Contributor III
Just shooting in the dark here can you see if there's new update or restore it ?
And see if that fix your problem and follow up?

New Contributor
problem is cant connect to AP ruckus config by http://ipaddress  from Laptop wireless. is the only way to plug the ethernet PoE to the laptop? also if i do not fix it, is there a risk of 2.4 band going off too?

not sure what is the nature of problem being encountered...never seen such issue in the past...

Valued Contributor II
sound strange based on the info provided till now
pls share some details like firmware version it standalone or unleashed or controller mode etc ?well if it working earlier and now not working all of a sudden the either its a software/configuration issue or physical fault?did you make any config changes in the AP before the 5ghz went off??