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2 x Ruckus R600 for USD$315. Good deal for new house build?

New Contributor II
We are currently building a new home that is single storey and around 3000sqft. I was looking into Ubiquiti Nano HD but I am able to get second hand 2 x R600 with PoE injectors for US$315 in my country from a IT distributor that comes with 1 year warranty. The condition of the R600 is excellent. Is this a good deal for 2 units and from your experience will this cover a 3000sqft house with timber framing? I plan to use it with unleashed firmware. Is wave 2 really a game changer that R600 does not have being an older model? Thanks.

Valued Contributor II
Price is cheap, R600 APs are very good, and in any case no Ubiquity can compare with any Ruckus, even if it would be old and cheapest one. It's just different kind of equipment. So take it and enjoy!

R600 AP isn't actually that old, it's 802.11ac Wave 1, 3x3 MIMO, and will definitely  cover your needs. About coverage for 300 m2 -- depending on wall parameters and geometry it must be enough.  In any case both coverage and quality of connection will be better than with any other vendor APs because of active antennas, and of cause it will be better than any UBNT.
By the way, for original buyer Ruckus APs have limited life-time warranty,
About reliability  - we sell Ruckus from 2006, and  we had may be 10 RMA cases for Ruckus APs in all this time.   They are incredibly reliable.

New Contributor III

I bought an R600 on eBay and can't get the web interface to work as documented on some docs for an "island-<macaddr>" SID and the ethernet looks dead. No link lights blinking other than during the power on. Link. Nothing showing up in arp cmd. Link light not blinking on the r600 or the switch 

plug the r600 is plugged into. Hard to be sure if its a total brick but as far as I can tell its not usefull.

Piet Delaney

New Contributor II
Thanks for the advise and reply.. I noticed that on eBay you can get refurbished 1 x R710 for USD$400 which does not includes PoE injector which is wave 2 capable. Although I do not have any wave 2 capable client yet, I have read that R710 coverage is superior to R600. Would you take 1 x R710 for USD$400 + extra $ for PoE injector vs 2 x R600 with PoE injector included for USD$315 from a overall performance of 1 newer AP vs 2 older AP?

A single r710 might not cover 3000sq feet. I would go for two r600.  Anyway, I recently picked up 3x r710 on eBay for $185 each after making an offer. Reseller was asking for $200 each without t-bar mounts.  Same reseller was selling r710 with t-bar mounts for $225 each.  I know the r710 are great. I got 2xr710 back sept 2015 for $700 each after taxes from a local authorized ruckus dealer when it first started shipping a few months before. Back then what got me to get the r710 was ruckus had a competitive upgrade offer so I went down the rabbit hole. Also back then. I ran in stand-alone firmware since unleashed wasn’t announced yet  and when unleashed was announced it took them a while to support the r710 since r500 and r600 were only supported in unleashed back then.  I feel sorry for the r700 purchasers that wanted unleashed and they never got it.