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2 APs not allowing devices to communicate

New Contributor II
I have one Ruckus R700 and one Ruckus 7982, they are both setup as standalone and placed on different sides of my house. Both are connected to my  home ISPs modem/router via DHCP. When I am on the AP in the office I cannot communicate with items joined to the AP in the living room (R700 = office, 7982 = Living room). The reason this is an issue, I run Apple Homekit and my main device is in my office, which cannot unlock or communicate with any devices in the front of the house. I know using a ZD would relieve my pain, however for just two APs seems overkill. Also they do not support unleashed for either of these products.

Contributor III
try turning off Directed multicast and IGMP?
set qos directed multicast {enable|disable}
set qos igmp {enable|disable}

I'd run each command twice, once on the eth(0 or 1), and once on the wlan

get wlanlist to find your "wlanID"

Will try this and let you know

I think my issue was having too many wlanIDs. I had broadcast and SSID enable on Wireless 1-5 on one AP, and 1,3,5,7 on another. I took them both down to Wireless1 and everything seems to be working.

Hi David,
Having lots of SSIDs enabled is a really bad idea as it wastes a huge amount of airtime and therefore capacity, just in management overheads.

Try and keep just 2 or (at a stretch) 3 if you absolutely have to.

Glad to hear you got it working though! 🙂