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2.4Ghz Latency goes high suddenly

New Contributor II
Hi all,
I have an total ruckus environment ( ZD100 + Ruckus 610 APs) into 2 of my offices.
On both offices, i have a problem on the 2.4ghz frequency where its latency goes high ( around 300ms on ruckus dashboard ) and people begin to complain about slow connections.

It only solves when we reboot the AP that haves the high latency.

How can i solve that? 
I have around 65 aps on one office and 10 in the other one, all of them are configured following the ruckus manual for high density environments.

My firmware is

Thanks in advance

New Contributor II
I had a similar sounding problem, the problem was the 1000 a second broadcast rate.  Limiting broadcasts on our switches helped some, but I then disabled multicast broadcast on the SSID with most of the users, and that solved it instantly.  It somewhat broke mDNS bonjour printing...  but that's not such a big problem.

How did u make that work? I just segmented my networks between 5 and 2.4 ghz to make it work smoothly at least on 5ghz.

Did u changed the Directed MC/BC Threshold to 0?

New Contributor II
we have around 50 AP's, all R600's with vSZ 5.1  1000 devices, mostly Apple.