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Zone planner has some bugs.. So does Support !!!

New Contributor II
Zone planner has some bugs.. Tech support has once let again let me believe that they will call me back within a reasonable amount of time, and here I sit with no call back and software that will not generate a report. Here is my real question, why is it that I deal with several different aspects of communications and always respond to my customers within a reasonable amount of time, while those at Ruckus seem to only be dealing with one aspect of communications and I routinely get ZERO feedback from support or engineers? That's my question. I have customers who are absolutely frustrated and I have no justification to prove otherwise..

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus doesn't make Fluke ZonePlanner, and I'm sorry our Tech Support can do little more than provide updated AP antenna patterns.
If there are bugs, we can only feed them to Fluke, who's engineers must make the improvements. The "planner" might help with planning
AP coverage, etc, but is only a planning tool.  Ruckus TSEs will assist in all aspects of client connectivity troubleshooting thru our APs and
ZD/SCG/SZ controller platforms, which is our forte.

New Contributor II
This is what I meant exactly..  You responded to this thread with the speed of a cobra, while I am still awaiting my call back from Support to advise me as how to remedy this situation, even if via the Fluke team. You may call it Fluke ZonePlanner, but my copy has Ruckus on the start up page, and was purchased from Ruckus. With this being said, I have spent most of the day awaiting to find out what the protocol is to contact Fluke, as it was purchased from Ruckus..  Just saying, If less time was spent checking the web for threads, and more time spent with the customer, I may be able to create the reports needed to get us all paid. !! Feel free to see attached image for clarification as to who's name is on the product..  Thanks.

What's your case number Dan? 
Please attach your image to the ticket.
I'll see if I can assist with expediting your request.
I am the forums moderator, thanks.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c463135b77e247a54ef9_be8d764aab7bd2f899d8eab40bfc13e0_RackMultipart20150814198001wo9-db492736-2e8c-4ee5-9465-b3767cf958b5-98456062.JPG1439581390

No case number. I started a simple chat through support and was told that no one was available to assist me and to provide my call back information and an engineer would get back to me shortly. I asked will this truly be addressed quickly and was told yes. I provided my call back information and still have not heard anything. I am going to pack it in for the week and re address again on Monday. I can only do what I can do..

Thanks and for some reason my image did not attach properly during my last comment. It should be above..