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Zone planner has some bugs.. So does Support !!!

New Contributor II
Zone planner has some bugs.. Tech support has once let again let me believe that they will call me back within a reasonable amount of time, and here I sit with no call back and software that will not generate a report. Here is my real question, why is it that I deal with several different aspects of communications and always respond to my customers within a reasonable amount of time, while those at Ruckus seem to only be dealing with one aspect of communications and I routinely get ZERO feedback from support or engineers? That's my question. I have customers who are absolutely frustrated and I have no justification to prove otherwise..

Esteemed Contributor II

Thanks, I got your screen shot, and attached it to your ticket #319788 Dan.

Our TSE Joe Tassone, will assist you when you call in or contact us thru the portal on Monday.