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zonedirector 1000 with 7982

New Contributor
I have two zonedirector 1000 (6AP license) but now i have upgrade all ap to 7982.

the zone director 1000 have running the later 9.3 firmware . but it show not support the 7982 , how can i do ?

Valued Contributor II
Dear Spoon yiu,

I am afraid, ZF7982 is supported on firmware version 9.4 and above. Since Zd1000 last upgradeable firmware is 9.3. You will have to go for ZD1100 to make ZF7982 work.

I have a suggestion, please go for ZD1000 trade in where you can exchange your ZD1000 for ZD1100 at a discounted rate.

Take a look at below post and check with your local Ruckus Sales rep for more info.

Hope this helps.

Esteemed Contributor II
Please note that the above link describes a promotion in the EU during June 2012
and may have expired. Check with your Ruckus reseller or local Sales account
manager to see if this or any other promotion may be available for a trade-in.

New Contributor
Zd1000 with 7962