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vlan pooling not seamless when connecting to other AP

New Contributor
Hi, I have a warehouse wifi setup consisting of the following:
1-ZD3000 with 50AP licence running firmware build 218
20-ZoneFlex T300
Number of users on the network 15-20 (for RF scanner device only)
I have setup vlan pooling(round-robin)
I setup 2 VLANS, 20,101 with ip scopes of 30 each on the vlan pool list and enable dynamic vlan.
These vlans are functioning properly and can get the IP from the DHCP server.

But when I transfer the RF scanner device to the other AP which causes disconnections when roaming occurs, device sometimes have to disconnect and reconnect again(NOT good). And its take time to get new ip address assignment.
Any ideas?


Contributor III
Are your clients 802.11r/k capable?

No sir. Motorola MC3100 is the device they are using.

So what is your Layer 2 auth set up? is it 802.1x?